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So what is Archer Custom Designs (ACD)? ACD is a service that helps people get a level of personalization or beauty that they want, not what someone else wants to give them. ACD does not sell you anything, ACD allows you to buy what you want.

It can be summed up this way; working with Archer Custom Designs is like going to a car dealership and getting the exact vehicle you want, in the exact configuration you want, without someone trying to sell you something else. You should buy what you want, not be sold what someone else wants you to buy.

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How it is done? A request is made for an item to be personalized (10 x 18 inches maximum). The image, drawing, name or combination of any that you provide (or is commissioned to us) directly or by email is digitized, cleaned up and converted to a format that can be used to create your personalized items.

What to expect with our process